HealthPass: A game-changer for employee wellbeing

HealthPass is a brand new way to support your employees and improve business performance.

Instead of paying for individual counselling, coaching, annual health checks and other services per session, HealthPass wraps all of our offerings into one easy payment. Think of it as a subscription with all the corporate health and safety services you might need to look after your people’s health.

HealthPass memberships start at $6 per employee, per month.

HealthPass memberships can be configured to include:

  • Mental health, counselling and support from EAP Services
  • Career coaching and practical advice from EAP Services
  • Online training from EAP Services
  • Annual health check-ups
  • Annual Health Monitoring
  • Quarterly ergonomic check-ups
  • Fitness on demand
  • Annual flu vaccines
  • Real-time insights via our Reporting Portal
  • Resolve early intervention physiotherapy
  • Strategic Wellbeing Programme
  • EAP Now app

To use HealthPass services, your admin teams access our simple, efficient booking systems, and your Account Manager will take care of everything else.

Plus, our new Reporting Portal will give managers detailed insights into their team’s wellbeing through anonymised data on workplace issues, injuries and prevention management, and trends over time. HealthPass unlocks the power of these insights, with Habit Health as your strategic partner for your organisations health and wellness, matching insight to solutions in a way that matches with your organisations real needs.

Why HealthPass?

The health of your business starts with its people. It’s a fact that healthy, happy and confident people produce better work and contribute to a positive workplace.

Our team have been the go-to experts in workplace wellbeing for over 30 years. From our experience in helping businesses thrive, we know that our services:

  • Reduce absenteeism, which costs businesses in New Zealand millions of dollars per year
  • Lower staff turnover rates, maintaining team continuity and improving morale
  • Improve your team’s overall health and wellness, which supports a better environment
  • Increase productivity, which makes your business more efficient.

HealthPass puts you in control with data insights and solutions to shape your organisations health and wellness strategy.

HealthPass: Choose your model

We’ve created three models of HealthPass to fit your business needs. You can pick which will fit best with the requirements of your team so that they can use the services which will best benefit them.

We can also create a custom solution for your business – don’t hesitate to get in touch with the HealthPass team to chat about what will work best for you.

Download an information pack for each package below.

HealthPass Professional is our premium offering. It is for professional services and consulting organisations of office-based staff in high performing roles. Staff with high performance expectations and related stressors can benefit greatly from a holistic approach to health and wellness services.

Download brochure

HealthPass Enterprise is for businesses that have generally sedentary office-based staff with a wide range of responsibilities. This offer will provide access to packaged services designed for these needs.

Download brochure

HealthPass Industry offers services to industries with high health and safety compliance obligations such as construction, manufacturing and primary industries. Different hazard profiles can be accommodated via flexible add-on services.

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Do you have less than 150 employees?

While the HealthPass subscription service is designed for larger teams, most of the individual services from HealthPass are still available to business with fewer than 150 employees. Contact us today and start planning a better tomorrow.


If you are currently using EAP Services in your organisation and want to know more about HealthPass, please talk to your Account Manager.

They can help guide you through the sign-up process for HealthPass.

For more information about HealthPass:

0800 557 556