Diversity and Inclusion

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We invite our employees to fully be themselves at work. We have people with unique backgrounds, skills and personalities in the workplace, making for a vibrant culture, a talented workforce and a diverse understanding of our clients and communities.

Our commitment is to ensure Habit Health is a safe and positive place for everyone - tātau tātau.

We achieve this by:

  • Building inclusive capability through education and enablement
    • Resources readily available on our Diversity and Inclusion online portal
    • Webinars on unconscious bias and how to effectively engage with Māori
  • Employee network groups
    • Ngā kaihāpai; Habit Health’s internal Māori for Māori team supporting the mahi across the business.
    • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion committee
    • Rainbow Allies committee to support both the Rainbow community and others interested in learning more
  • Growing talent pipelines and diverse leadership capability
    • Leadership courses
  • Creating a safe, respectful, inclusive and flexible workplace culture
    • We have policies in place to ensure a safe, respectful and positive culture. Including;
    • Diversity and inclusion policy.
    • Bullying, harassment and discrimination policy.
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Diversity partners 
    • We partner with experts to ensure we get valuable insight to best support our people and clients.
      • EY Tahi
      • Rainbow Tick
      • External diversity panel – Edwina Pio and Hone Huarangi
A thriving workplace means a diverse and inclusive environment welcoming people from all walks of life.
Habit Health: We Want to Understand You

We Want to Understand You

Habit Health team members come from all over the world and speak more than 20 languages. Professional language and interpreter support is available to all our clients.

Habit Health: Proudly Supporting LGBTTQIA+

Proudly Supporting LGBTTQIA+

We are proud of our diverse team and are tremendously excited to celebrate our pride. Habit Health is completing certification to obtain the Rainbow Tick.