Habit Health is pleased to offer a virtual wellness service, this means you can access excellent health care, rehabilitation programmes and fitness support over the phone and online. 

Supported by the Medical Council of New Zealand and Allied Health New Zealand this system offers consultations nationwide from wherever you are. Telehealth connects you with physiotherapy, pain management services, employment support and a great range of online fitness programmes.

Habit Health consultants are trained to assist those working with ACC to rehabilitate and can also provide you with an ergonomic assessment of your workstation via video call. There are also options available to address stress management and the challenges that arise from working or living in isolation.

In the changing landscape - which sees many more employees working from home - Telehealth is a great way for employers to ensure their staff stay on track as they negotiate new ways of achieving workplace goals. Making Telehealth part of your team is a smart move for increasing productivity and helping your workforce maintain positive engagement.

Telehealth services: