Online Appointments

Care from anywhere

You can access many Habit Health services and experts directly from your phone or laptop. This means that, even when you're unable to see us in person, you can still receive expert care.

During Level 4: Our friendly team will be in touch to move your appointment online.

Contact us anytime:

Phone: 0800 557 556

Online appointments on your phone or laptop have been shown to be equally effective for people unable to make it into the clinic.

Our physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, counsellors, occupational health nurses, dietitians, personal trainers and wellness team offer virtual consultations. We can meet many clinical needs, including registering a new injury and diagnosis, providing treatment and advising on follow-up care. Habit Health achieved the same high recovery outcomes and client satisfaction via video calls as in-person consultations during the lockdown last year. We know it works and we're confident that we will address your needs.

How does it work?

While COVID-19 Level restrictions are in place, all appointments will take place online. You do not need to do anything different to book an online appointment. The bookings team will be in touch to confirm your preference for online video or telephone, depending on the nature of the appointment.

You will receive a confirmation with a time or link, where you can join the appointment through your web browser. If you are doing a telephone consultation, your physio will call you.

In the changing landscape - which sees many more employees working from home - Telehealth is a great way for employers to ensure their staff stay on track as they negotiate new ways of achieving workplace goals. 

Services available for Online or Telephone Appointment: