Change It Up with TRX

22 Oct 2020

If you’re looking to change up your training style, why not give TRX (or HIIT) suspension training a go?

If you’re looking to change up your training style, why not give TRX (or HIIT) suspension training a go?

TRX suspension training caters to a wide variety of people of all ages. From a pro athlete to seniors or first-time gym-goers. It is a very low impact workout with the ability to adjust the resistance to suit your ability. 

The TRX manipulates your body weight by using gravity as your resistance. You can progress and regress each exercise by simply moving your hands or feet into a different position. TRX is great for developing your strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and core stability. You can target your whole body using just the TRX and achieve a wide variety of fitness goals. 

Here are a few basic exercises you can try on the TRX next time you’re at a Habit Health fitness club.

Reverse lunge into knee raise – lower body exercise

Holding onto the two handles, step back into a reverse lunge trying to get your back knee close to the ground. Your front leg will be generating most of the power in this movement. Push through your front leg, bring your back leg up and drive your knee up into a knee raise.

  • Regression: Go into a reverse lunge and stand up tall. You can use the handles to pull yourself up more and to help with balance.
  • Progression: To challenge yourself, see if you can go into the reverse lunge without your back foot touching the ground. This means that all of the power is coming from your front leg.            

Low row – upper body exercise

Get into the starting position by holding onto the two handles. Lean back while holding onto the handles until your arms are at full extension. Your body should be in a vertical plank position; stay nice and straight with your hands in a neutral grip (palms facing each other). Next, move your feet away from you until you have tension on the TRX, and pull your hands in towards your chest. Once you’ve pulled all the way in, squeeze your shoulder blades at the top position to activate your back muscles. Then slowly release your arms back to your starting position until they are fully extended. 

  • Regression: Shuffle your feet back to take some of the weight off your hands which will make it a little bit easier. The more vertical you are the easier it will be.
  • Progression: To make it harder, simply move your feet away from you. The more horizontal you are the harder it will be. Alternatively, you can elevate your feet onto a box for more of a challenge. 

Prone Jack Knife - Core Exercise 

Carefully, place your feet into the cradles at the bottom of the TRX. You will need to extend the straps until the cradles are in line with the middle of your shin. Tip: Kneel onto the ground and lift your feet up behind you to hook your feet in, otherwise ask a training partner to help you get set up. 

Once you have your feet set up, come up onto your hands as if you were doing a push-up. Hold that position and carefully pull your knees in towards your chest, then slowly release them back out again. Try to maintain a straight back throughout the movement and only move your legs.

  • Regression: Hold yourself in the plank position for as long as you can or for short bursts. Alternatively, work on your plank hold on the ground. 
  • Progression: You can alter your tempo to get your core working. Change your tempo to 3 seconds pulling in and 3 seconds going out. 

Try TRX or HIIT suspension training at our fitness clubs

If you’re interested in trying a TRX workout we offer a Small Group Personal Training class at Habit Health Majestic and Vero fitness clubs. Or try our new HIIT suspension training class at our Evans Bay club.  

Alternatively, you can have a one-on-one personal training session to learn the basics of how to use the TRX. TRX suspension trainers are available for use at our fitness clubs, just ask at reception.

Book a TRX or HIIT suspension training class or
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