How To Refer a Patient for Concussion Service

If you have a patient experiencing a protracted recovery from a concussion (anything greater than 3-4 weeks), we can help.

Habit Health holds the ACC Concussion Service contract, so we can provide a full wrap-around service to aid patients in their recovery. Whether your patient needs intensive support or just a guiding hand, our clinicians are here to support your patients and their recovery.

Habit Health offers occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychology to support patients on their recovery journey. When a patients recovery isn’t going to plan, we have a team of neuropsychologists and medical specialists to diagnose and treat patients suffering lasting effects and who need further answers. We can also contact patients who require more appropriate treatment for specific needs, including; the need to recover at home, vocational rehabilitation or support to manage their pain.

Your referred patients can join various support programmes according to their specific needs. We offer independence training for those suffering from severe barriers to recovery, needing additional support to regain pre-injury activity levels or learn new ways of coping with daily activities.

Our concussion service is available nationwide. We have a streamlined process to make this service available to patients now.

Make a referral

Online referrals to our Concussion Service by GPs, Emergency Department Physicians and hospital-based Allied Health team members can be made using the form at the link below. This will assist you in generating the required ACC883 referral form. A copy of these will be emailed to you upon submitting the online referral form.

Online Referral Form for Concussion Service

Alternatively, you can email the referral to us. Ask your patient to fill out the ACC883 form, and email this to us as a PDF along with any relevant supporting documents to

Benefits of our service

  • We have a team of Neuropsychologists and Medical Specialists providing assessments and screening when they are needed.
  • Rehabilitation to get your patients back to their workplace.
  • Tailor-made programmes for rehabilitation.
  • Multidisciplinary approach.