Rehabilitation for Work

Habit Health is one of a select-few ACC-approved providers in New Zealand that offers assistance to job seekers in the rehabilitation phase after an illness or injury.

Our qualified and experienced vocational therapists, careers advisors, physiotherapists and support staff members work together to enable our clients to reach their potential and begin a new career journey.

Workplace assessments and support

Find out more about our workplace assessments, stay at work and back to work services, which are all aimed at assisting our clients in their unique recovery process.

Workplace education and pre-injury notices of discomfort support

Depending on the issues that you might struggle with, Habit Health can tailor your rehabilitation programme for ACC, insurance companies, corporate entities and private businesses.

Ergonomic workstation assessments

Once you have gone through the process of rehabilitation, you want to stay well, which means it is important to ensure that your workstation is set up to fit your needs.

Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)

Habit Health can create an FCE report for case managers to assess how capable a client is to perform certain tasks.

For more information: Phone 0508 654 325 or email us.

Employees can now see us directly for workplace rehabilitation support without prior approval. Contact our team directly if you have an injured staff member absent from work. Email us at