Pre-Employment Testing

The Health & Safety in Employment Act requires that employers “do no harm” to their employee’s. The Pre-Employment Health Assessment is a valuable tool for employers to use to identify any potential medical issues a person may have, that could cause harm to the person or colleagues they would work with if appointed to the role. In addition to this the Pre-Employment Health Assessment is also an opportunity to obtain baseline health assessments for employee’s who are exposed to hazards e.g. hearing test baseline for noise exposure.

Habit Health offers a range of standard pre-employment health assessments as well at the option of tailor-made assessments specifically for identified risks in the client's workplace.

Assessments can be completed using online questionnaires, and nurse-based assessments. Telehealth is also increasingly used for low risk roles.

We conduct risk assessments during Pre-employment health assessments and discuss and report what hazards your employees will be exposed to. For example, if you have someone applying for a role as a Class 2 Driver and their vision does not meet the LTSA requirements we will identify this in the report.

Drug and alcohol testing can also be completed with medicals or independently as a standalone assessment. 

We can also complete Functional Capacity Assessments as part of a Pre-Employment for those roles which have a high musculoskeletal risk factor

All reports will be emailed to you within 24 hours of receiving the completed medical and any issues will be clearly identified.

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