Sport & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Habit Health want to help you live your best life. When your mobility is compromised it can stop you from achieving your fitness goals, or playing the sports you love. Along with nutrition, exercise is one of the most important elements to ensure longevity and good mental health.

Our Physiotherapy team can work alongside your other health providers to ensure that an injury doesn’t escalate in to a long term disruption. We know how important it is to be able to get up and go with the kids, to spend active time with mates or simply enjoy an afternoon in the garden.

Habit Health has the latest technology to help identify the root cause of back or neck pain, to pinpoint what is setting off your sciatica or to best address an injury from the sports field. We understand that pain may refer from other areas and our team has the information and knowledge that will get you back on track faster.

Habit Health has the toolbox to power up your recovery, the equipment to ensure the most accurate diagnosis and a hands on group of Physiotherapists that will work with your desired outcomes.


  • App for in home rehabilitation exercises
  • Consultations for ACC
  • Gaitscan and Siliconcoach technology
  • Online access to Physiotherapy services

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