Silicon Coach & Kinesiocapture

At Habit Health we use a range of high tech and evidence-based tools to assess your movement patterns, with the aim of improving performance and preventing injuries.

Video analysis software enables our Physiotherapists to analyse the subtle problems of injured athletes so you can return to sport as soon as possible. It also lets us detect irregular movement patterns and areas of weakness when running or cycling.

This information allows our physiotherapists to create a customised rehabilitation programme focussing on targeted strengthening and corrective drills.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an assessment tool whereby fundamental movements are evaluated to screen for imbalances, dysfunction or performance limiting movement patterns. The screening tool is not designed to diagnose an orthopaedic injury but to highlight opportunities for improvements. 

Once these are identified, a specific programme of corrective exercises will be developed with the goal of optimising performance and preventing injuries.

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