Rehabilitiation at Home

If you have been dealing with health issues that keep you housebound Habit Health can provide you with the ongoing care you need in your own home.

Sometimes even the most basic tasks can be daunting, Habit Health can connect you with the help you need as you recover from an illness or injury or provide you with care as you age. If you require help with rebuilding your strength a physiotherapist can assess you and set you up with the equipment or exercise system that will work best for you.

Habit Health can send a registered nurse to discuss wound care or help you with a system to remember your medication - a nurse may also be able to make sure you can keep up with your personal grooming needs. Our Occupational Therapists are trained to assess your home for safety and mobility and we can organise to have meals prepared for you if cooking is difficult.

Habit Health knows that oftentimes when we are under the weather we just want to be in our own bed, we can help you rehabilitate or cope at home by connecting you with the services you need to stay home safely.

Services List

  • Initial assessment to evaluate the feasibility of Rehabilitation at Home.
  • Visits from a physiotherapist to develop an exercise programme.
  • Registered nurse visitations.
  • Help from an Occupational Therapist to make sure your home is safe.
  • Help with showering and personal grooming.
  • Meals prepared or delivered to your home.

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