Culture & Diversity

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Habit Health aims to create an environment that promotes and supports all cultures, diversity and inclusion both in the workplace and for our clients. We’re committed to continuous improvement in our efforts to achieve greater diversity and inclusion.

Why we care

Habit Health’s purpose is to support people in their communities to optimise health and live their best life. As New Zealanders, we want to reflect, represent and support our clients and their needs. The diversity of Aotearoa and our people is a strength to be harnessed to help achieve this purpose. We are passionate about creating a health system where equity of access and health outcomes for all is the expectation and not something to aspire to.

Tikanga Mana Tangata – We strive to ensure health equity and equity of health outcomes for the communities within which we serve.
Habit Health: We Want to Understand You

We Want to Understand You

Habit Health team members come from all over the world and speak more than 20 languages. Professional language and interpreter support is available to all our clients.

Habit Health: Proudly Supporting LGBTTQIA+

Proudly Supporting LGBTTQIA+

We are proud of our diverse team and are tremendously excited to celebrate our pride. Habit Health is completing certification to obtain the Rainbow Tick.